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Nurturing Little Minds



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Lenny Decorates Her Mind

Lately, Lenny has been feeling a little blue. She’s been isolating herself and avoiding friends. Luckily, her wise friend Oli the Owl appears with some insightful suggestions, helping Lenny to understand the power and impact of positive self-talk. Inspired, Lenny learns to transform her mindset and immerse herself back into life.

A delightful introduction to the impact of a positive mindset. Accompanied by an empowering free resource, ‘Decorate Your Mind - Activity Book’, which helps children discover tools to reframe and shift their own mindsets, to embrace a more optimistic outlook.

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Activities include:

  • Self-Reflection exercises
  • Goals, gratitude, and other mindset activities
  • Colouring in pages (infused with positive affirmations)
  • Mazes, Find a words, Word Puzzles
  • Doodling pages and much more!




This 28-page activity book is designed to unlock a positive mindset superpower! Full of self-reflective activities to awaken and inspire minds to build self-awareness, resilience, and self-esteem through harnessing the power of positive self-talk!

great for educators and parents


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Painting rocks is a lot of fun. Leaving painted rocks for others to discover adds an extra layer of ​happiness to the experience. It's not just an artistic endeavour but a joyous act of spreading ​smiles! It's a beautiful blend of creativity and kindness, wrapped into one delightful activity.

Here’s a bunch of tips to get you started...


Spend as much time as possible in nature hunting for rocks. Go to lakes, valleys, ​beaches, and any other (legal) and safe place to find the best and most awesome ​rocks to paint. Tip: The flat, round, and thin rocks are easiest to paint. Of course, ​avoid national parks and protected or sacred places.

Once you’ve revelled in nature for a while and found the best and most awesome ​rocks, it’s time to give them a wash. This helps the paint stick to them more easily. ​Wash with warm soapy water. Ensure they dry completely before you start painting.


Dream up the designs you want to paint on your rocks. Search picture books, use ​the internet, make up your own, or copy and trace the examples provided on the ​following pages. Practice these on paper first to get them looking right.


Make sure you have a bunch of good quality, safe painting products ​that are suitable for rocks. Below are some suggestions:

Acrylic Paint

Begin with the six core colours: black, red, blue, ​yellow, green, and white. The versatility of these ​six colours allows you to create a wide spectrum ​of blended colours. Acrylic paint is the ideal

choice as it adheres effortlessly to the rock, ​producing a dense, non-streaky finish than can ​endure the elements.

Paint Brushes

Grab a selection of paint brushes with various tip ​sizes suited to the size of the rocks. Ideally,

you’ll have one larger brush for applying base ​coats and a smaller one for completing intricate ​designs.

Acrylic Pens

Acrylic paint pens are fantastic for adding those ​final touches and giving your designs a polished ​and professional appearance! Optimal selections ​typically include black, white, and silver; however, ​the choice ultimately depends on your personal ​design preferences.

Old icecream tub:

When you are painting, use

an old tub with a little bit of ​water so you can rinse the ​brushes during your session. ​This is handy when you are ​mixing colours together, or ​when using the same brush

for a new colour.

Clear Lacquer

A clear lacquer sealer spray (waterproof) ensures ​a superb, shiny finish! While optional with acrylic ​paint, it does make the design look more

impressive and keeps the paint lasting for longer.

Old rag or cloth:

Painting is messy (fun messy!). ​You may need to wipe down

a brush or your hands while ​you’re at it, so having an old ​rag on standby is extremely ​useful and can help keep the ​rest of your painting space ​clean and tidy.

Flattened cardboard:

Place down a flattened ​cardboard box to protect

your furniture, grass, or any ​other surface where you are ​painting. This will act as a ​place to paint the rocks, plus ​is a great mixing surface to ​play with paint colours. You ​may also wish to place down ​an old tablecloth.



Get ready for a leap into creativity with our rock painting, inspired by the delightful world of 'The Giant Plop Off' and its froggy friends.

Discover the joy of hunting down the perfect rocks, painting them with awesome designs, and spreading smiles by leaving them for others to find. This activity promises plenty of entertainment and a final little act of kindness that's bound to warm hearts!


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Creativity and writing have always been a huge part of my life. I enjoy delving into the nuances of the human spirit and derive great satisfaction from assisting others in unlocking their potential for growth and fulfillment. Through both my professional and personal life, I have been fortunate enough to travel, meet incredible individuals, fall in love, become a mother, swim in new oceans, and learn a bit about the world. I’ve also been hit by unfathomable challenges, forcing me to uncover resilience and strength I didn’t know I had.

Little Mac House is my creative playground where I get to craft new ideas into form, blending playful characters and stories with subtle messages about life. The potential for my creations to bring joy and inspiration to the lives of others keeps my soul alight. Writing helps fuel my passions, heal my heart, teach me things, and bring my life meaning. It helps me to navigate my way through the turbulent and tremendous.

Thanks for being here. Your support and love means the world.

Kim McInnes Author /Creator

Thanks for stopping by xx


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Lenny the Lion Cub is passionate about life! She's a tomboy! She has loads of energy. Typically she's quite positive, but she tends to overthink things sometimes! Lenny loves animal development and is eager to learn!


Oli is a very wise Owl. She is deeply calm, peaceful, and zen. She loves nature and animals. She's a night owl. Don't wake her up too early! Oli is in control of her emotions and deeply connected to her higher self.


Harrie the Hippo is a mad music lover! She loves dancing. She can talk anyone's ear off. She's into flowers and dresses. She's very confident. Sometimes a little overbearing and opinionated. But she has a heart of gold!


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Kim McInnes and Little Mac House Publishing would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land and their connection to country. We pay our respects to their Ancestors and Descendants who continue to contribute to Australia and global society spiritually and culturally. We feel truly blessed and grateful to live and creatively operate on this land.

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